Vibration of a timbered ceiling

You are going to have a dance on a timbered ceiling? Think again, because the furniture dances with you - you can't miss the noise of the glass rattling in the cabinet!  On many floor/ceiling structures, normal walking at the right frequency will trigger vibration. This can reach a frightening level !

Timber is a very versatile construction material: warm and tough, and with a long life ...if used intelligently and sensibly. However, timber ceilings may cause problems at times. Older supporting structures or more recent ceiling structures with a wide span and frequently very slim elements lack the necessary stiffness.

In a timber+concrete composite structure, in which the bulk (concrete) has a static function, the rigidity of the ceiling is usually increased tenfold. The so-called "buddy framework" used makes the spreading of loads easier and distribution better. This is a great advantage, not only  when it comes to "excitation" through "walking and dancing" but more importantly still, when it comes to stresses imposed by earthquakes, flooding and wind loads. The Elascon timber+concrete composite creates a rigid plate without the need for the design and building of a "tie beam". This plate stabilises the entire building.