The Timber-Concrete Composite System (TCC)

The timber-Concrete Composite system effects solid bonding the bonding of timber supporting beams to a concrete slab by means of screw-like connectors which produces a hybrid supporting system that offers special structural physical benefits, such as increased load bearing capacity and stiffness.

Downloading the free-of charge TCC Fibula.
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Youtube-Film zum Elascon Holz Beton Verbund


  • Refurbishment of timber-beamed ceilings: Meeting the latest parameters in terms of load-bearing capacity, vibration, sound insulation and fire prevention.
  • Construction of new storey ceilings.
  • Construction of other hybrid supporting structures.

Licensing by construction supervision authorities

For the planner it is important that any system is properly licensed by the building supervisory authorities - if it is not, any supporting structure will require separate approval in every single case. Examples of approvals: