Elascon - Leader in the technology of timber concrete composites (TiCoCo)

As leaders in timber+concrete composite technology (TiCoCo)  we refurbish and strengthen your old timbered ceilings. We will deal with everything: from planning right up to and inclusive of the construction process. At the same time, we can offer major purchasers of structural building elements and prefabricated construction products our timber+concrete composite shear connectors and the associated planning services.

Elascon timber+concrete composite is an ideal solution, with which today's demands for structural strength, sound insulation and resistance to the transmission of vibration  of timber+concrete ceiling structures can easily be met.

We are confident that you will get to know and to like our products and services. We also offer you the use of our calculation tool free-of-charge. This will permit you to pre-calculate the parameters involved in the process of refurbishing your old timbered ceilings.