Holz Beton Verbund mit Elascon





Holz Beton Verbund mit Elascon

Make TCC static calculations now.

WE ARE Timber-Concrete-Composite!

From survey to final acceptance – Elascon will supply all that is required for a modern TCC- supporting structure:
static calculations, material, labour – separately or as a complete package.

We refurbish and strengthen existing timber-beamed ceilings of commercial buildings, living accommodation, and even ancient monuments. We support you from the planning stage right through to completion. At the same time, we shall be happy to supply major users in the fields of unit production and prefabrication with our TCC shear connectors and will perform all necessary static calculations. Get to know our products and services!

  • We offer you our statics tool for pre-determination of the refurbishments needs of your old timber-beamed ceilings, free- of-charge.
  • Our system is fully licensed by the construction supervisory authorities. Download the European Technical Assessment ETA-18/0264.
  • NEW: Our TCC Fibula covers everything you need to know - from the basics to technical details, right up to the definition of the work planning stages. Elascon’s TCC Fibula is the ultimate Guide for all those dealing with supporting structures: architects, contractors and owners. Download the TCC Fibula!

Fundamentals of a timber-concrete composite (TCC)

Basic Know How, conveniently summarised on a single page.

  • What does TCC mean?
  • Advantages in comparison with other techniques
  • Costs
  • and much more ...


  • Refurbishment of timber-beamed ceilings: Meeting the latest load-bearing capacity, vibration, sound insulation and fire prevention parameters.
  • Construction of new storey ceilings.
  • Construction of other hybrid supporting structures.

TCC standard ceiling

The principle of an Elascon standard ceiling type »TCC-S«

TCC Flat ceiling

Principle of a an Elascon standard flat ceiling type »TCC-F«

TCC Combination ceiling

Principle of an Elascon combination ceiling

The Timber Concrete Composite system -YouTube Video

Easycon dimensioning software

Licensing by construction supervision authorities

The Elascon Timber Concrete Composite system is officially certified throughout Europe by EOTA under number ETA-18/0264. Follow our brief registration procedure, you will then be able to download the European registration details.

Downloading the TCC Fibula