Underfloor heating on a timbered ceiling

An underfloor heating system is considered by many people as the ultimate for improved comfort in living accommodation. But does this cause problems when installed in the timbered ceilings of old buildings?

The question about the feasibility of underfloor heating in a timbered ceiling or over timber beams can be unequivocally answered in the affirmative. Depending on the requirements in terms of structure-borne sound, underfloor heating may also be integrated into the screed on top of the timber ceiling. If structure-borne sound is to be suppressed,  we can offer you solutions which only require a height increase of the floor covering of 15 mm which, in addition, can be used as a levelling and noise suppression layer. If there is enough height for a classical wet floor finish, it is even possible to incorporate underfloor heating in the way employed in modern building construction. In addition, your wish for a tiled floor in the bathroom, the kitchen and the WC can readily be accommodated without any problem.


Fußbodenheizung auf Holzbalkendecke

Underfloor heating on a timber floor. Structure from top to bottom: 1) shuttering, 2) sound attenuation mat 3) ATHE-THERM F modular system (controllable with an appliance pump) 4) Elascon Six anti-shear bond 5) ATHE Koop-Quick with high performance screed.