Timber concrete composite: structure and advantages

The solution of choice for the refurbishment of old timbered ceilings in dwellings, commercial buildings and monumental structures as well as  for the construction of new timber+concrete ceilings.

  • Meets all properties required of modern ceiling structures
  • Minimises construction time and costs
  • Maximises  sound insulation and fire resistance

Elascon T+C composite not only solves specific problems during the refurbishment of existing ceilings, but provides a global solution to all potential problems:

  • Refurbishment does not involve the dismantling of old supporting structures
  • Sagging of structural ceiling members is reversed
  • Ends of timber beams that have been structurally weakened may be retained
  • Sound insulation properties, permitted sag, vibration and fire resistance will meet the same requirements as modern ceiling structures. This can be confirmed by a technical audit procedure.
  • Structures meet all Eurocode ad DIN standards
  • Cost savings of up to 50% compared with conventional refurbishing methods
  • Drastic reduction of the construction time needed

The graph below illustrates the structure and the modus operandi of a timber+concrete composite structure