Stiffness/Vibration of a timber ceiling

Improvement of the vibration properties is a major construction objective when considering the statics of timbered ceilings. The  shear connectors that are screwed into the joists and the in-situ concrete produce a stiffening of the entire timber ceiling by a factor of approx. 10. The shear connectors prevent displacement of the timber and the concrete relative to one another under load, and also in the event of earthquake, wind loading or water pressure. This structure behaves like a thick, soft bound book, where, when you press down on the cover at  the centre, the pages at the edge shift laterally. If you were to use this into a model, you would need to paste all pages together over their entire areas. If again subjected to pressure, the book would become significantly stiffer and more stable, as the pages could no longer slide on one another. Exactly this is the working principle of vibration reduction with the Elascon timber+concrete bond composite system. The installed Elascon timber-concrete connecting screws (shear connectors) prevent any shift between timber and concrete almost entirely.