Our Easycon Software not only allows the proper sizing of single and multi-span support systems, but also of single loads, block loads, trapezoidal loads and linear loads. A completely redefined core calculation system and an Internet-based updating system allow the planner of a supporting structure to keep his know how up-to-date.

And for those of our colleagues who need to calculate the loadings and sizes of composite structures less frequently we have pre-calculated templates available.

The ergonomics are most important for us. At every calculation stage, the tool shows you exactly what to do, or where limits of stability are being exceeded. And as a companion for our software we issue a specialist handbook which provides in depth information on the subject of elastic composite supporting structures. You may download a fully functional software demo version, and the full version can be purchased for a small goodwill payment which will even be credited, should you favour us with an order.

Ausschnitt einer Bildschirmansicht der Planungssoftware Easycon
Easycon Planning Software: part of a screen view