Sound insulation of timbered ceilings

Noise nuisance - a classic source of argument between neighbours. The ceiling of a room is the perfect transmitter of noise produced by sources of every kind - especially in multi-storey buildings.  A timber+concrete composite structure offers the solution to this problem.

When old timbered ceilings or exposed beams need to be refurbished, it is usually necessary to improve the level of sound transmission (both structure-borne and airborne noise) to the extent required for ceilings in dwelling houses. A large number of recent sound insulation measurements made before, during and after completion of the construction work have illustrated the significant improvement potential offered by Elascon's timber+concrete composite system. We have adopted a completely new way for decoupling noise: our ElascoLoop(R) matting for deadening structure-borne sound applies the principle of dynamic stiffness; its "spring mattress structure" absorbs a wide range of noise frequencies.

We have used our comprehensive collection of measurements for the development of an empirical forecasting model. This will help you to achieve optimum results with affordable resources even at an early planning stage. You can make sure at an early time that the sound insulation of the refurbished ceiling will meet the required level and can actually be achieved.