Shear Connectors

Our new screw design which is protected by patent reflects our experience and the know how that we have acquired independently over many years during our work on various construction sites.

We were also able to incorporate many customer suggestions. Apart from excellent shear loading resistance, our main objectives are achievement of minimal tightening torques and minimal distances from the edges. We have also developed a special drive head geometry for our automatic screw setting tools. This was the only way in which we could ensure problem-free magazine storage on site. A special magnetic bit tailored to the head geometry allows rapid installation without fatigue. The drill tip has a specially shaped geometry  and is of extremely slim design so that immediate engagement of the thread is assured, even with old, hard timbers. With regard to the surface properties, our coating is finished in such a way that the anti-corrosion coating also functions as a highly effective lubricant layer. 

Elascon Schubverbinder SFix (Holz-Beton-Verbund-Schraube)
Elascon SFix shear connector (timber+concrete composite connector).

Based on the working plan, the shear connectors are set so that they are under strain at one end, i.e. inclined from the centre outwards towards the support. The minimum distance between connectors of 8 cm must be adhered to; the same applies to the distance from the edge which is 2 cm. Using the magnetic bit developed specifically for the SFix shear connectors, the connector can be pushed into the bit retainer of the driver as if it were a bayonet fitting. The slim milling tip ensures that the thread engages at once and that the 45 degree angle is set even after minimal engagement. When we developed the driver design, we paid great attention to the achievement of low tightening torque.