Sagging Ceiling

Generally speaking, old timbered ceilings have 'crept' over the years and 'shrunk' - the beams sag in the middle, or the timber structure is warped over the entire room. Depending on the degree of deformation, it is possible to permanently reset such a deformed ceiling by creating a timber+concrete composite structure. If there is major deformation, it becomes necessary to check the support of the beam ends. As a rule, the deformation of the ends is corrected from below by means of spragging. The timber+concrete composite structure makes this restoration a permanent one.

Durchängende Decke

For warped ceilings, we offer our patented re-levelling system as an optimum solution. Apart from the level correction, our liquid ElascoLoft 150T insulation system also reduces the amount of structure-borne sound to the maximum possible extent.

Höhenausgleich mit Elascoloft

Section through a refurbished floor structure

Höhenausgleich mit Elascoloft: patentierter Kartonagewinkel
Levelling with ElascoLoft: patented cardboard edging