Refurbishing timbered ceilings

When it comes to the construction of commercial buildings and house building, and in particular the construction of local authority housing, refurbishment of timbered ceilings is particularly expensive.  However, solutions that involve an apparently justified level of  expenditure in relation to the cost of other renovation measures rarely meet the criteria of comfort for modern accommodation; in practice they can also not be implemented in compliance with the relevant up-to-date standards.

In the view of many planners, refurbishment of timbered ceilings (especially where modern levels of sound insulation, vibration damping and resilient load bearing characteristics need to be met, and where compliance with fire resistance requirements is essential) can only be  done effectively by dismantling the old structures and installing new concrete ceilings. When it comes to refurbishment of ceilings with timber structures between floors, the Elascon T+CC (timber+concrete composite) offers major advantages in comparison with other methods, not only on the cost side, but also in terms of the time required and the results.

We offer you our many years of experience in the field of timbered ceiling refurbishment.  A  newly constructed Elascon timber+concrete composite ceiling or a refurbished all timber ceiling with timber+concrete composite  structure is a safe one.