Recording structural dimensions

Before refurbishment of a timbered ceiling, it is necessary to record the dimensions of the structural timbers. These are used to create the structural timber plan. The latter is a plan view of the floors, preferably in digital form that records all the beams, complete with length, span, height, width and pitch. The recording of internal load bearing walls and stringers on which the beams rest is equally important. Changes at Chimneys, stairways etc. should also be included. If the extend of the damage is not clear, we would recommend an expert opinion for the timbers. For the determination of the loads (dead loads) it is necessary to establish the existing timber beam structure (section of the floor) and the section after completion of refurbishment. The structural timber plan constitutes the basis for the establishment of the Working Procedure to be used later for setting the shear connectors.

Detail aus einer Bestandsaufnahme

Details of  of structural timber plan.