Preservation requirements for timbered ceilings in listed buildings

Well-maintained historical buildings give our towns and cities their face. But many owners of listed historical buildings are not happy when it comes to preservation requirements. The reason is that the facilities in the building's interior should be more about keeping up with the present than with the standard at the time they were first built.

All too often there is a need to find a compromise between the rules imposed by lower and higher authorities in control of listed buildings in the interest of their preservation and any new or changed use. Here the method of strengthening timbered ceilings by using  the Elascon timber+concrete composite system may prove to be manna from heaven. This strengthens the old timbered ceilings (refurbishment) in terms of sound insulation, protection and structural strength, but with the old timbers worthy of protection preserved.

Old Venetian timbered ceiling designs were constructed by placing alkaline slag directly onto the timber ceiling, a kind of precursor of modern concrete.

The prevailing opinion that timber and concrete together are as bad as fire and water is contradicted by centuries-old building structures which prove that the alkalinity of the concrete actually extends. the life of the timbers.