Planning Software

Static calculations for composite ceiling structures. With Easycon they are easy to calculate and auditable.

Free-of-charge Windows software for the static calculation of elastic composite structures.

Complete with additional sample static calculations and sample working plans.

Templates for special applications. Automatic software re-actualisation.

Notification, whenever new templates become available.

Simple but exact calculation both for timber+concrete composite ceilings with concrete supporting structure above and for thinner ceilings with inbuilt concrete supporting structure between the ceiling joists.

The ability to calculate the dimensions of the supporting structure allows tremendous cost savings.

You can calculate more easily and more rapidly.

With Easycon it becomes possible to calculate the statics and the oscillations of the supporting structure for ceiling support without restrictions. Hence it becomes possible to size den surface concrete layer thickness and the number of shear connectors with the necessary accuracy. The software produces a result that can be verified in the form of an auditable static calculation.

When developing Easycon, we placed the emphasis on a simple, menu-driven structure for data input, verifiable calculation step-by-step, and proving.

Because of the incorporation of Easycon into current static calculation programs, Elascon makes it possible for the less sophisticated user to start on the calculation of elastic supporting and connecting structures. Easycon - this is the program name- does not require expensive basic software and no time-consuming training courses.

The new module for the calculation of single span girders involving the use of timber+concrete composite structures allows for the values of the new timber construction standard DIN 1052, the concrete standard 1045 and Eurocode EOSIA. The program provides the statics proving calculation.

Easycon 1.4.90: Calculation of timber+concrete composite ceilings runs under Win XP and later versions of Windows.