Plan view of structural timbers

To allow refurbishment of timbered ceilings without interruptions caused by the need to re-plan, it is advisable, indeed necessary, to make an exact record of the existing structural timber in the form of a plan view. For proper sizing purposes it is necessary to know height and width of all timber beams, the distance of the beams from one another (i.e. the pitch), and the span. Where load dissipating structures are encountered (walls, stringers, static load bearing elements) these must be included in the plan view. Apart from a section through the complete floor/ceiling structure, details of any overlying structure and of any suspended ceiling are important, so that the dead loads can be calculated. And because old timbered ceilings are frequently out of true and frequently sag in the middle, making a record of the different  horizontal levels is recommended. Should you encounter difficulties in establishing these planning parameters, we shall be happy to assist you on site with members of our team at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Detail aus einer Bestandsaufnahme
Plan view of structural timbers, detail