Insufficient load bearing strength of a wooden ceiling

Are you sure that the ceiling will be strong enough for that new bath tub? Even when it is full to the top? You are sure to have asked the structural engineer. But did you ask him about the grand piano?

Insufficient load bearing strength of timbered ceilings is frequently the reason for refurbishment. The mass that is needed for strengthening (refurbishment) of timbered ceilings for reasons of improving the sound insulation and fire protection has a beneficial side effect: it produces a distinct increase in the load bearing strength. The concrete in the composite structure increases the net load bearing capacity of the Elascon T+CC standard configuration, in which the concrete is disposed on top of the timber by a factor of three. If a ceiling used to be able to support 200 kg per square metre, the finished timber+concrete composite ceiling will now support 600 kg per square meter, and this despite the fact that concrete with a mass of 150 kg per square meter has been introduced! If the Elascon Thin configuration T+CC "thin" is used, the load bearing strength is still doubled. A timber+concrete composite ceiling is still the unbeatable solution when it comes to dispersing single loads, e.g. roof loads, linear or block loads or trapezoidal loads. Take advantage of our free-of-charge precalculation service which will enable you to decide, at an early stage of your project, whether a timber+concrete composite ceiling produces the desired result and can therefore be considered as an option,, We will provide your structural designer free-of-charge with our "Easycon" software so that he can calculate the standard dimensional requirements and plan the work for a timber+concrete structure for you.