According to the approval, in situ concrete must be of minimum grade C 20/25, maximum particle size 16. However, many of our clients wish to apply the further floor finish directly to the concrete.  Jointly with one of the largest cement manufacturers in the word, Cemex and with BASF we have developed a special concrete recipe that is tailored to suit the structure of our composite. This concrete mix compacts readily and is largely self-levelling; at the same time it exhibits low sensitivity to vibration and cracking. We recommend this recipe as Elascon Floor C25/30, F 6.5 LVB for use in cases where the floor is to be installed without further levelling, directly on the concrete.

For levelling purpose we have also developed a special, coated carton angle product which has now been patented. This allows elaborate formwork to be dispensed with. However, we recommend that the surveyor arranges for the positioning of so-called pass markers in good time which exactly indicate the level which the poured concrete must not exceed.

Elascon V-HB-S Holz-Beton-Verbund-Decke in Standard-Ausführung
A standard Elascon V-HB-S timber+concrete composite floor structure