Complete solutions for support structure and facade

The ongoing increase in the demand for complete solutions for the refurbishment of timbered ceilings by means of timber+concrete composite structures suggested that there was a great need for consolidating planning and reconstruction/refurbishment work services from an independent company:  this  would offer a new way of meeting the growing demand for such services and would promote better contact with our clients.

This was the reason for the formation of Elascon GmbH with Head Office in Waldkirch in South Germany. After  discussions with our many customers we concluded that it should be possible to employ a screw placed in oblique position in the manner employed during timber framing to for the creation of  new structures and the refurbishment of facades. This led to the innovative Fix UKH system. We offer our entire service package from first consultation through to implementation for  this system as well.

Today Elascon is the leading supplier of the complete system. The company employs the latest designs of shear resistant connections combined with an economically optimised sizing system, as well as the complete package of the required calculations and the contractual work, from a one-stop supplier who offers the package throughout Germany.

Subject to a token charge, we also offer planners in the fields of structural engineering and specialist structural calculation the opportunity to undertake the essential fundamental dimensioning procedures for themselves using our system

Dipl. Ing. Holger Rupprecht

Having successfully completed his engineering studies at the Furtwangen Technical University, he gained international B2B experience in the construction industry in managing position and as Director. He is holder of a number of patents in the areas of composite and roof structures.

Dipl.-Ing. Holger Rupprecht. Founder and Managing Director of Elascon GmbH of Waldkirch/Germany