Elascon FixUK-H - The reliable screw for the installation of curtain façades

Elascon FixUK-H are used to fix insulation and substructures of façade elements or rendered panels - this can even be done over existing insulation layers.

Better than any adhesive, Elascon FixUK will provide a positive connection with the underlying wall. The risk that existing covering layers shear off under the load imposed by the new insulation and the façade is avoided.

Elascon FixUK-H - the all-in-one fixing and adjusting screw

The screw is fixed to the wall by means of a wall plug. Because of the freely rotating threaded bush at the head of the screw, the substructure under the facade can be aligned precisely with the house wall.

The advantages are obvious: costs are saved, and installation times are reduced.

Even at extended distances from the house wall, high loads may still be suspended from the screw-connected framework. This does not in any way restrict the design of the visual part of the facade.

Vee-shaped screw connected framework. The arrangement of the screws ensures an overall structure that is bending-resistant and which can support even substantial loads.


Setting and adjustment using the same tool

The Elascon FixUK-H screw is provided with a freely rotating adjustment sleeve or bush that allows precise adjustment of the distance between the masonry and the substructure. A tool with socket head bit is supplied with the system. This is used both for driving the screw into the supporting base and for adjustment of the substructure by means of the adjusting bush.

FixUK-H: Einschrauben und Einstellen mit einem Werkzeug
Fix-UK-H: Fixing and adjustment by means of a single tool